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The Differences between Cold Pressing Oil and Hot Pressing

Most of vegetable oil is hot pressed oil in our daily life. Namely the oil raw materials was cleared and crushed, then heat them before pressing oil, it occurs a series of changes inside of oil raw materials: damage the oil materials cell, bring protein denaturation, reduce oil viscosity, etc, so that convenient to press oil and improve oil yield.

With the development of the quality of life in recent years, people more and more like cold press oil about vegetable oil. As to cold press oil, you do not need heat oil raw materials; in the low temperature condition, feed the oil raw materials to oil press. The temperature of pressed oil is lower, acid value is also lower. In thus condition, the oil was not need refining, just through precipitating and filtering to get product oil.

pressing cooking oil

Cold pressing oil with all natural, avoid adverse effect of traditional high temperature pressing. Cold pressing oil keeps the natural flavor and color of the oil raw materials, and also keeps physiological activator (vitamin E has anti-aging function, sterol has skin care function and enhance human metabolism) of cooking oil. Cold pressing oil with flavor is the best choice of healthy life. But most of oil raw material is not suit to cold pressing, taking soybean, high eruic acid rapeseed, cottonseed, peanut, sesame as example; soybean oil containing beany flavor, high eruic acid rapeseed oil containing biting taste, cottonseed containing toxin gossypol, deteriorating oil material containing aflatoxin, etc. They all need refining to remove the taste. However, as for sesame and peanut, must through hot pressing to get the flavor of sesame oil and fragrant peanut oil.

Hot pressing method used for large size machinery pre-pressing, namely the first press oil. However, some manufacturers improving model press oil directly, do not need any other equipment. Just like Whirlston Oil Press, raw material only need through once, you will get high oil yield and pure oil. As for cold pressing machine, oil raw material does not need frying to press oil. The cooking oil has better light color, but oil taste not sweet. Last but not least, cold pressing oil cannot foam and swirl when frying things.